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Baby Gemstone Articulating Dragon 3D printed figurine

Baby Gemstone Articulating Dragon 3D printed figurine

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Weight: 6.0 oz

Gemstone Baby Dragon Articulating 3D printed figure

Add a touch of myth and magic to your home decor with this stunning 3D printed Gemstone Dragon figure. The dragons are super cool and give a thrill to anyone that receives one.

Quantity Per Pack: 1

With or without Egg

Dragon is 4-1/4" long

Egg is 4-1/4 tall

Egg and Dragon color match or having complimenting colors

The Gemstone Dragon is a beautiful addition to any house-themed decor, and can rest perfectly on your desk, bringing an air of mystery into your workspace. Different colors to match any home or business theme.
Want something custom or have a specific need, just message us and we will try our best to accommodate your request. Thank you for shopping with us.

Available with or without dragon scale egg

Multiple colors and combinations

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